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Living Will Forms


     A living will isn't exactly something all of us stop to think about. After all, a living will is something that a person drafts to let individuals know what they wish when it comes to their medical care or their right to die. As frightening a possibility as it may seem there have been situations where a person was unable to let their wishes be known to their family. Either they are in an irreversible coma or catatonic state, in both cases if the family has no idea what this person would want, it's up to them to make what could be a difficult decision. So, drafting a living will is a way to have peace of mind and be able to place that decision back into your own hands.


Living Will Forms


     Thre are places online where an individual can download a living will or as it's also known a directive to physicians or advance directive. It's always a good idea to have one to give a hospital when going in for surgery so they have it on record. This is the hospital's way to know that the individual wants in way of treatment. Do they want to be placed on life support, do they want to be resuscitated, The document also tells the family just what that person wanted even if it's difficult to deal with.


Finding a Living Will Online


     Thre are several places to download a living will online. In some cases, there will be a fee, and keep in mind that not everyone can draft a living will. For example, minors can't have a living will. Also, keep in mind that a living will is only active while an individual is alive, and not after death. For the wishes, after death, an individual will require a last will and testament.


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